0 – Sonando


0 is a French band directed by Stéphane Garin (percussion), Joël Merah (acoustic guitar) and Brussels-based Sylvain Chauveau (acoustic guitar, glockenspiel), whose line-up can change for each project with the addition of regular guests. The trio of Merah, Garin and Chauveau have spend two years composing, recording and mixing the seven pieces of Soñando (« dreaming » in Spanish).This chamber folk suite is entirely played with acoustic instruments (guitar, glockenspiel) and small pieces of metal collected by Stéphane Garin for their special sound and tuning. In quiet spaces, this repertoire can even be performed without any microphone or amplification. The result looks like an original mix of rhythmic patterns assembled togetehr like the pieces of a puzzle.

« A heartwarming collection of nice pieces that overlap the outer rumor, slowing the copioso movement of sounds with the sprout of fragile notes, which allows the flourishing of the acoustic noise of the organic shades » – Hawái

« A dream-like soundtracky feel which reminds me a little of The Kramford Look but with relaxed, organic shades of Jose Gonzalez or Ralfe Band…Thoroughly enjoyable and impeccably tasteful stuff, treading that thin line between arty minimalism and head-nodding accessibility » – Norman Records

« Each of these seven pieces hangs like a wind chime, tethered above low frequencies as delicate formations of metallic resonance, swaying and clanging as acoustic melody is threaded gently through the bars…into a single cocoon of deep, solitary introspection » – ATTN: Magazine

Available as a limited edition LP (300 copies) in our shop.